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Cytosine o guanine human genome project o

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Unformatted text preview: ing) o Chromosomal mutations § Insertions and § Deletions § Inversions § Aneuploidy Monosomy ·ȡ End up with one chromosome Ex. Turner Syndrome (only one sex chromosome) Trisomy ·ȡ 3 chromosome o ex. Trisomy 21 Down syndrome having an extra 21 chromosome Klinefelter Syndrome o XXY This is important because: ·ȡ Medical o Its good to know about the mutations out there ·ȡ Evolution o These provide evolutionary evidence o FOUNDER – a mutation that happens, which continues to get passed down ● CLASS 9 Human Biological Variation o mtDNA, YDNA, ancestor testing o Models for the origin of H.sapiens ▪ Candelabra (NO) Multiregionalism ▪ Replacement (Out of Africa) ▪ Populations evolve, not individuals ● Populations can be thought of as genes and allele frequencies ● Evolution=change in allele frequencies through time o Four Forces of Evolution: ▪ Mutation (only new variation) ▪ Selection (diverge pop. Randomly) ▪ Drift (diverge pop. randomly) ▪ Migration (Genetic Glue) o Types of DNA ▪ Nuclear (Autosomal and sex chromosomes) ▪ Mitochondrial DNA- fully from mother o Mitochondrial DNA ▪ Provides energy for cellular functions ▪ Circular ▪ 100s to 1000s copies per cell ▪ no recombination or segregation- fully...
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