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IB35ACS Study Guide

European scientists became known as the american

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Unformatted text preview: ite, but depending on where they live, they changed;7 can also reverse this Carleton S. Coon ● Racial Adaptations (1982) Subspecies vs. race vs. ecotype Species Concepts ● Ernst Mayr ● Biological Species Concept ● Allopatric Speciation Race ● Geographic race = a recognizably different geographic population or set of populations of a species ● Race = different populations of a species that differ genetically from each other ● Polytypic – we also looked at baboons that have polytypic species;7 not true biological species b/c they still reproduce at the borders ○ Subspecies/race in biology – incipient species on their way to building up mutations from being one species to being different species Ethnicity ● A group of persons who share the same language and customs and who identify with certain recent origins ● Race ≠ Ethnic group US Census ● Changes in questions asked over time from 1960- 2010 Does “race” = “ethnic group”? ● Race versus ethnicity some anecdotes: ○ Thomas Jefferson & Sally Hemmings ■ Sally Hemmings was ¾ white;7 but was TJ’s slave;7 had 4 children ■ 3 brothers in DuLac, LA – brothers could pass as white – this is how people got identified;7 up until 1950, the Huma Indians were considered “negro” but after 1950, recognized as “Native Americans”;7 3 brothers born in different years, different places – one “black,” one “Native American”, one “white” Barack Obama ● Counts as African- Ame...
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