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Four forces of evolution drift selection mutation

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Unformatted text preview: nt – what is a gene doing and when during a developmental process ·ȡ Population genetics: ·ȡ Genomics – statistics How DNA sequence vary…. ·ȡ Ex family trees Terms ·ȡ Zygote - fertilized egg ·ȡ Embryo – 1 week old zygote Ontogeny – the developmental process altogether Mouse slide – WE can see what genes do by knocking them out/ making them unable to express themselves The Genome: ·ȡ The difference between chimps and humans lies in gene number 2 Chromosome: ·ȡ There are 46 chromosomes in one skin cell of a human male Virus: ·ȡ Chase and Hershey o The Dna not the proteins is what transfers the genes DNA ·ȡ 4 nucleotides o Adenine o Thymine o Cytosine o Guanine ·ȡ Human Genome Project o The goal was to identify all genes in human DNA ·ȡ National Institutes of Health o An important ·ȡ Watson and Crick discovered the structure of DNA ·ȡ Replication – the DNA strands break apart;7 RNA comes along and then compliments the broken off strand o RNA codes so t...
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