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Kinsey scale of sexual orientation o 0 maximally

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Unformatted text preview: the underlying factors ● proportion of the phenotype that can be attributable to effects of genes Francis Galton (UK/European idea of Eugenics vs American version) ● Historiometry→ looking at their geniuses being attributed to family ● twin studies, looks at fingerprints ○ all about quantifying things (statistics) ● concerned that these geniuses tend to have less children and later in life ● Positive Eugenics→ encourage best and brightest to produce more Alfred Binet ● Psychologist→ helped kids catch up and do better ● head size as a proxy for intelligence ● change course because of 1mm difference between smart and stupid... ● measurement error Binet scale ● a way to identify children who need help in order to assist and improve rather than label and in order to limit ● not applicable for those doing well Intelligence Quotient ● mental age divided by chronological age ● added to Binet’s measurement ● Binet→ couldn’t be true measurement because intelligence is too complex to capture with a single number ● Reification→ to convert a mental concept into a thing ○ True Beauty show→ most beautiful people in one house Eugenics in America ● ● ● Negative Eugenics the “unfit” orgasm creates a shock→ physical mental weakness ○ too many- more mentally weak ● Sterilization laws ○ get rid of people seen as bad ○ cut tubes or snip vas deferens ● Buck vs Bell ○ right to sterilize people deemed feeble minded to...
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