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Unformatted text preview: ion depends on whether the allele is inherited by the mother and father o Example- Prader- Willi syndrome and angelman syndrome (chromosome 15 deletions) Angelman Syndrome o only functioning copy is the father o Symptoms- Development delay, speech impairment, puppet like movements, seizures of laughter, mental retardation. Prader- Willi syndrome: o Only functioning copy is the mother o Weak as infants, trouble sucking, by age 4- 5 uncontrollable appetite, obesity, mental retardation Turner Syndrome: o monosomy of the X chromosome o phenotypically female o affect on behavior depends on parental origin of the X o paternally derived o maternally derived Chromosomes: 23 pairs, Autosomes/ Sex Chromosomes Biological Sex o Mammals: Female is XX o Male is XY o Birds: Female is ZW o Male is ZZ o Heterogametic*- refers to the sex of a species in which the sex chromosomes are not the same. X Chromosome o Inactivation- Barr Bodies o Dosage compensation between males and females CC the cloned cat X Chromosome o 1098 genes o contains...
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