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IB35ACS Study Guide

Sex genetic make up of the individual gender

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Unformatted text preview: Jefferson - contributed to archeology - actually excavated to observe strata in the trench - excavated to resolve an archaeological problem )(most digging in time period wwas looting) - no conclusion Joseph Smith ● Book of Mormon(1830) ● it was european and native americans killed out ● first 116 pages got lost then he abbreviated it ● whole religion has roots in mound builders James Smithson ● smithsonian institution “the castle” → conservation of intellectual material Ephraim Squier and Edwin Davis ● spent money on the mound builders to pursue investigation ● 6 pages of results in “ancient Monuments of the mississippi valley” the first publication of the smithsonian => but NO answer Cyrus Thomas ● scientific approach→ addressed why it couldn’t be Native Americans Scientific Study of Race <1900 ● Monogenism (Europe) ○ origin from a single source→ went along with Eden theory ○ Races have declined to various degrees ○ climate as a cause of racial distinction ● Polygenism (America) ○ held that raced were separate biological species ○ descendants of different “Adams” ○ Implications for “equality of man” ● Degenera...
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