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IB35ACS Study Guide

Allele intolerant lactase lactose intolerant

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Unformatted text preview: Allens- Arms o Populations with more mass in colder regions, less mass in warmer regions o Shorter and stockier limbs for colder regions, longer limbs for warmer areas o Heritability of Height (polygenic) ▪ 60- 80% height ▪ difference attributed to genetics, rest environmental HapMap Project o Identifying 10 million SNPs (single nucleotide polymorphisms) o Predict phenotype from genotype Hair Variation (D. Hardy 1973) Genes that are responsible for genetic disorders can also underlie normal variation. o Ectodermal Dysplasia (can’t sweat) connected to the fine hair allele, abnormal development of teeth, hair Conclusions: epigamic phenotypes are influenced by one, several, or many genes. o Mutations can result in variations we consider normal or extreme variation CLASS 15 OBESITY o Measuring Body Fat ▪ Hydrodensitometry (water displacement), Calipers (skinfold), DEXA (dual energy x- ray absorptiometry) o BMI (Body mass index)= weight/ height x height- oversimplification o Health Risks of Obesity- Heart disease, stroke, blood pressure… ▪ Diabetes- too much glucose in blood stream ▪ Insulin is a hormone that moves glucose from blood to cells ▪ Type 1- no insulin production, type 2- not enough insulin o Obesity and Fertility ▪ Women BMI 30- 40 25- 45% less likely to conceive ▪ 3x as long both partners obese, 1.5x as long partners over weight o Types of Gen...
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