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Behavioral processes to determine the level of

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Unformatted text preview: makes testosterone o Female hormones & the menstrual cycle ▪ ● ● CL produces progesterone LH surge causes ovulation to occur humans are the only ones who have rich uterine lining and shed ▪ LECTURE 19 - HUMAN VARIATION AND THE IMMUNE SYSTEM ● Pathogen: an agent (organism, virus, protein) with the potential to cause disease ● Branches of the Immune System o Innate Immune Response: rapid, limited and fixed selectivity, macrophages, mast cells, dendritic cells, constant dynamic o Adaptive: slow, numerous and highly specific selectivity, B cells and T cell, dynamic improves, immune memory: flu shot ● Evolution of the immune system o all have innate immunity, adaptive only for vertebrates o 564 mya RAG insertion yields adaptive immune system ● antigen: any molecule recognized by the immune system ● antibody: proteins produced by your immune system to recognize antigens ● antigen- binding site: pockets on an antibody that bind specific antigens (on tips of Y) two places ● antibodies et secreted into the blood st...
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