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Distinction living in a city or rural area education

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Unformatted text preview: protect themselves ○ Carrie was pregnant and baby ended up being feeble minded ■ carrie was raped and the baby was at top of her class ● marriage was a cure ● David Starr Jordan ○ first president of Stanford ○ argued against the war (killed the best and brightest) ● Harry Laughlin ○ concerned about keeping morons out Henry Goddard ● unilinear classification of mental deficiency ○ idiots (<3)to imbeciles(3- 7) to morons(8- 12) ● most undesirable behaviors were tied to intelligence ○ link between intelligence and morality ● morons were homozygous for the bad allele ● laborers were heterozygous→ just one bad allele ● Don’t let native morons breed and keep foreign ones out ● Example→ Debra’s lineage The Test ● was on immigrants who were identified randomly ● drawing a design from memory ● identify the missing part of the picture ● list as many words as you know in three minutes ● know the date and time(they were just getting off a boat) Robert Yerkes ● Rigor and Science= #’s and quantification Army Mental Tests ● test all the recruits(1.75 million)→ create baseline for intelligence testing ● Three Types ○ Army Alpha (for literate) ■ design from memory ○ Army Beta (for illiterate recruits who failed alpha) ■ missing part of the picture ○ version of Binet Scale (for those who failed beta) ● RESULTS: a lot of data, ○ mental ages 8- 12 were considered “moron” ○ average man did not have high mental a...
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