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IB35ACS Study Guide

Erectus appearance outside africa first systematic

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Unformatted text preview: tell us ● Where the organisms lived based on the location of the findings ● The organisms geologic age ● What they look like ● Climate change and sea level change makes finding fossils and artifacts more complicated/ difficult to find Mauer mandible Neanderthals ● Earliest = Krapina, Croatia (~130Kya) Bergmann’s rule ● Talking about Body ● Are they big/small/wide/long ● bigger BODY mass means higher latitude and colder climate, smaller BODY mass means closer to equator and warmer climate Allen's rule ● Talking about Appendages ● Are they big/small/wide/long ● closer to equator warmer climate and longer APPENDAGES, further from equator colder climate and shorter APPENDAGES Ice Age o Neanderthals were geological isolated during glaciation, which made it very difficult for them to migrate o Bantu’s expanded The upper Paleolithic ·ȡ Personal adornment ·ȡ It is art that humans use to decorate themselves or possessions ·ȡ 8,000 years ago complex agriculture Into the Americas ·ȡ Theories are based on...
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