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Gsunburn damage to sweat glands skin cancer o skin

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Unformatted text preview: ns: skin pigmentation is an evolutionary adaption for regulating penetration of UVR into the skin. o Skin pigmentation represents a compromise between the demands of protecting the body and making enough vitamin D. o Skin pigmentation can change in response to environmental conditions over thousands of years. Dark and light skins have evolved many times in human history. ● Important Implication: o Many people live under UVR conditions for which they are poorly adapted o Rickets in Saudi Arabia (culture) CLASS 13 GENE- CULTURE CO- EVOLUTION ● Culture can create a selective environment ● Evolution= changes in allele frequencies over time ● Four forces of evolution o Mutation, selection, drift, migration ● Epidemiology= science of disease occurrence and transmission ● Lactose (milk sugar) and Lactase (enzyme that digests lactose into usable parts) o Lactose intolerance is a primitive condition, derived condition is the ability to produce lactase as an adult and break down dairy o Muta...
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