Habilis and h erectus coexisted at this location for

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Unformatted text preview: rance outside Africa ○ first systematic imposition of preconceived from lithic tools ○ modern human body proportions ○ systematic hunting? ● Difference with modern humans ○ bones were pretty robust ○ smaller cranial capacity: 850- 1,100 cc compared to 1,200- 1,700 cc ○ no chin, no forehead ● Lecture 5: The Origin and Diaspora of Homo Sapiens The Transition from H.erectus to H.sapiens Possible models o Candelabra…. In web notes § Believes people were spread out in different regions and evolved in each area respectively § Issue: how could they have evolved independently but only have pigment changes? ● Multiregionalism ● A little introgression o Homo erectus moves into diff parts in the world and then sapiens went to Africa Cranial Capacity 400 o Chimps o Ardipithecus o Australopithecus CC 600- 900 o Early Homo erectus CC 1000 o Homo Erectus·ȡ Homo erectus have no chin, while sapiens do. CC 1,100 o H. Sapiens The evidence of CC o Living people o Dead people What Fossils and Artifacts...
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