Homozygous are selected against heterozygote

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Unformatted text preview: =3.3 ▪ no modern technology, stops education in 8th grade o Hutterites ▪ Average TFR=9.8 ▪ pacifists, communal living, obedient ● Proximate Determinants of Natural Fertility o Age at menarche and marriage (when she is at significant risk of pregnancy) o Waiting time to conception o Time added by fetal loss o Length of gestation o Duration of lactational infecundability (less likely to become pregnant while nursing) o Age at menopause/onset of permanent sterility ● Time Intervals of a Woman’s Reproductive Life o o ● ● ● ● ▪ different marrying age, different lengths of time nursing ▪ Ganj and Hutterites have a long time before first conception Human Reproductive Biology o Male anatomy & spermatogenesis o Female anatomy o Menstruation & oogenesis o Fertilization & implantation o Lactation o The importance of hormones Embryonic development of female and male genitalia o third month you can tell the difference, homologous glands because they develop from the same origin Male anatomy o inguinal hernia risk because glands go outside and inside the body o scrotum: 3 degrees cooler than body temp o seminal vesicle: 60% semen volume, viscous, contains fructose, produces yellow pigment that makes semen fluoresce under UV light o prostate: encircles urethra just below bladder, ⅓ semen volume, milky fluid enhance s...
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