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Increase in immune disorders in developed countries o

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Unformatted text preview: oday o Cultural variation, evolution, and modern influences on our biology result in a wide variation in human fertility LECTURE 21 - SOCIOBIOLOGY ● Standard Social Science Model o embodies idea that human mind has no inborn tendencies or inclinations, language ● E.O Wilson: fired for his work, social insects, help sister ants because genes so similar ● Infanticide: young children much more likely to be abused, killed by stepparent ● Naturalistic fallacy: natural=good, unnatural=bad, cannibalism ● Ethology: the study of behavior, humans have very plastic behavior ● Exercise Study: large differences between identical and fraternal twins ● Do genes influence specific behaviors? o innate (loud sudden noises) vs. conditioned fear (falling is learned) o freeze/startle, flight, or fight o learned fear: hippocampus, amygdala controls fear ● Is fear evolutionary conserved? o mice: stathmin: gene controls learned and innate fear, expressed in amygdala o humans: 2 common SNPs in STMN1 regulatory region, females lacking the SNPs were more bothered by negative images and had more pronounced startle response ● Post- Traumatic Stress Disorder o 14% of combat veterans of Iraq & Afghanistan o 6.8% of general pop: smaller amygdala volume is associated with PTSD, stathmin as target for treatment o Vietnam, 30% PTSD ● Genetic predisposition to mental illness o same mutation can manifest in different illnesses, depend on life experiences o Relative risk: - fold...
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