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Unformatted text preview: risk of Alzheimer’s, don’t know when/what kind Theoretical Basis for Restriction of Genetic Information ● Autonomy: giving person autonomy for his/her own decisions The options: 1. Unlimited Availability 2. Controlled Access 3. Withholding the sequence: have a committee to take control of deciding who gets access to the HeLa genes;7 a one- off resolution i. But could bring problems: no consensus on how these cell line/genes will be published Respect for Autonomy in Genetic Counseling ● Origins: promote certain phenotypes – eugenics;7 get rid of unwanted genes (Nazis killing, Americans sterilizing, etc.) ● Genetic counseling founded in opposition to that ● Counselor can never make decisions based on marriage/children/important personal matters ● Non- Directive Paradigm ○ Provider: provides information, guides patient through decision ○ Patient: determines what’s important, then makes a decision Complications for Disclosure & Non- Disclosure of Genetic Information ● Genetic counseling – individual has right to know/not know abou...
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