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Unformatted text preview: of increased female: sexual receptivity, proceptivity, selectivity ● Evolutionary theories of human sexuality o Human females lost estrus phase, continuously receptive: no distinctive sexuality during most fertile phase of ovulatory cycle o no obvious external signals of receptivity during ovulation o loss of estrus hypothesized to function as a way to conceal ovulation o abundance of evidence indicating estrus not lost, it has evolved in ways that conceal cycle fertility ● Concealed ovulation/hidden estrus o lack of any obvious signal to males of species in an adult female near ovulation,lack of female sexual swelling = concealed ovulation necessarily / o Hidden estrus b/c male provisioning, paternal care, long- term pair bonding (reduced IBI- interbirth level) ● Miller et. al Evolution and Human Behavior o Hypothesis: Lap dancers earn most during estrus. (hidden estrus) o Results: Women using birth control pills- no peak in tips, normal cycling- earned peak tips during estrus, less during luteal phase, least during menstruation, estradiol might mediate attractivity, all made less during menst o implications: evidence for existence and importance of estrus in females, males can detect female fertility more accurately, positive selection on men for detection ● Aggression in Humans o genetic polymorphisms associated with extreme violent behavior o detection, transportation, breaking down of dopamine & serotonin ● Adaptive explanations for aggressive beh...
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