O sweat thermoregulation apocrine and eccrine sweat

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Unformatted text preview: ted allele (lactase persistent)- Lactase (+) or lactose tolerant: all infants o Normal allele (intolerant): lactase (- ) lactose intolerant: bacteria digest milk o Europeans tolerant, Black and Southern hemisphere don’t produce lactase o Selection for allele, if you can drink milk, increased value, live longer, good food, need domesticated animals Pastoralism (match for hotspots and pastoralism) ▪ lactose intolerance condition of most adults o LCT gene: correlates with lactase persistence in Europeans o Convergent evolution, correlation between lactase persistence and three mutations 9000ya ● Gene- Culture Coevolution o Large brains resulted from social selection o Consequences of dietary change (Neolithic = agriculture) o Example: Kuru “laughing death” ▪ Neuro- degenerative disease 8x more common in women, Prions, PRNP gene, M and V alleles at 129th codon ▪ Couldn’t find source until Prusiner said proteins ▪ Prions, misshapen proteins o Ex Spongiform Encephalopathies o Ex: Cannibalism ▪ Exocannibalism- ppl not in your group ▪ Endocannibalism- ppl in your group ▪ Autocannibalism- eat yourself ▪ Survival Cannibalism- Donner Party ▪ Pathological cannibalism- serial killers ● Cowboy Wash, SW Colorado: human myoglobin on pottery fragments ● Human cultural practices create highly selective environments in which our genomes have evolved. CLASS 14 WHAT WE LOOK LIKE ● What mendel can tell us about eye color, hair and ears ● Genetic influence on...
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