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Unformatted text preview: o Adaption- something that enhances the survival and reproductive success of an organism in a particular environment. o Skin color not adaptive ▪ Adaptations to protect against skin cancer happen later in life, after reproduction, will not pass on to children ▪ Skin color is a side effect for selecting for something else, result of sexual selection o Skin color is adaptive ▪ Melanin pigmentation varies by latitude, darker skin protects against UVR, light skin absorbs more UVR ▪ Darker skin protects against the deleterious effects of UVR (e.g.,sunburn, damage to sweat glands, skin cancer) o Skin color measured by skin reflectance, higher reflectiveness lighter o Skin color from Melanin (natural sunscreen) ▪ Carotene (orange) ▪ Hemoglobin (red) o The history of skin color in the human lineage can be understood by looking at skin color in our close relatives. o MC1R gene ● “Melanocortin 1 receptor makes a protein that affects the color of skin and hair. At this locus, amino a...
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