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Of eugenics vs american version historiometry looking

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Unformatted text preview: rican even though mom is white, dad is Kenyan ● “one drop” rule Wayne Joseph ● DNA ancestry testing: 57% Indo- European, 39% Native American, 4% East Asian ● Race depends on life experiences rather than biological;7 this is what the Census is asking – self- identified races Lecture 27 Bioethics Guest Lecturer: Bill Campbell (Genetic Counselor) Genetic Information Ownership ● HeLa genome publication as violation of autonomy ● Respect for autonomy ● Consequences of respecting autonomy Scientists – figure out which cells are HeLa cells (which are invading human bodies) and which aren’t ● Skloot was outraged – this was violation of different laws, including HIPPA ● “The Genomic and Transcriptomic Landscape of a HeLa cell line” – Journal article (Landry et al.) ● in this process, they put the entire genome online - people are outraged (Skloot, family members, etc.) What can you learn about heritable conditions from reading a genome? ● Mendelian disease vs. Common disease ● Mendelian: follow Mendelian pattern of inheritance ● Common disease: heart disease, cancer, Alzheimer’s, etc. Mendelian disorders ● Autosomal Recessive Hearing Loss ● Most Mendelian disease - people are born with, but there are also some exceptions Common diseases (risks) ● Alzheimer’s Disease (AD) ○ Look at particular gene (AOE) – 3 different alleles that contribute to different kinds of Alzheimer’s ○ Henrietta Lacks: we only know that her kids have a...
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