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IB35ACS Study Guide

Of artifacts hindus or indias thomas jefferson

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Unformatted text preview: ge ● strong correlation between test score and amount of schooling and between average score and hookworm infestation(parasite) The Interpretation ● feeble minded is of much greater frequency than previously recognized ● Goddard→ we haven't understood the nature of the average man Immigration ● barred up to 6 million Europeans between 1924 and start of WWII Hereditarian Theory of IQ ● Reified Binet’s scores→ took them as measures of “intelligence” ● Mistakenly equate “heritable” with “inevitable” ● mistaken understanding of “heritability” End of Eugenics Movement ● WWII and politics→ associated with Nazism, racist and bad science ● Scientific reasons ○ study of fruit fly genetics, mutations, behavior is complex, Arthur Jensen (BERKELEY’S OWN) ● how much can we boost IQ and scholastic achievement? (1969) CAN'T measure heritability by whether or not the differences are constant over time Lecture 26 Why it matters Race and Ethnicity Walker’s Mammals of the World ● Says humans - - > 4 or 5 races 1758 Systema Naturae (Linneaus) ● Americanus ● Europaeus ● Asiaticus ● Afer ● Monstrous ● Ferus Johann Blumenbach, 1795 ● Caucasian (new name) – referred specifically to: Armenia, Iberia, Colchis and Albania;7 modern Caucasus: Georgia, Armenia, Azerbajan ● Mo n g o l i a n ● Malayan (added) ● Ethiopian ● American Degenerationism – climate and environment can cause degenerationism – God created everyone wh...
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