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Unformatted text preview: of Life: individuals vary 4. Offspring tend to look like their parents (kids inherit this variation) Conclusion- “Survival of the Fittest” ● Darwin said that the natural variation in the population was selected on by the environment to cause evolution. ● Change over time is caused by differential reproductive success. Definitions: Fitness: reproductive success Individual fitness: success in promoting survival of one’s own genes;7 measured relative to other individuals. ● Strategies of Increasing fitness: Maximizing production of offspring (like frogs) ● Maximize care of a few offspring (like monkeys) ● Reproductive success is NOT how many times you participate in mating behavior! ● Alfred Russell Wallace (1823- 1913): same idea as darwin On the Origin of Species- Charles Darwin ● Darwin’s three main contributions: ○ Collected evidence to document the occurrence of evolution ○ Provided a natural mechanism for evolution (that natural selection is the creative force behind evolution) ○ Established a m...
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