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IB35ACS Study Guide

Sperm motility o cowpers pre ejaculate to cleanse

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Unformatted text preview: reduction in disease, increase in immune disorders in developed countries o more developed, more incidences of immune disregulations ▪ decreasing infectious diseases, immune system isn’t trained to function properly and it overreacts ▪ higher incidence of diabetes in sterile environment House Dust Extract (HDE) Experimental Design o Weekly=more reaction o Daily=increases a little, then decreases o Weekly/Daily=increases a little, decreases, increases a lot, then back to small amount LECTURE 20 - FERTILITY: THE INTERFACE OF HUMAN BIOLOGY AND CULTURE ● Hormones during pregnancy o Beginning: lots of HCG o then progesterone and estrogen rise, with progesterone rising more, HCG falls o at delivery progesterone and estrogen fall immediately ● Interbirth level: IBI o !Kung: 3 years, Hutterite;7 1.6 years ● ● ● ● ● ● Trends in Data o Peasants, tribal horticulturalists, hunter- gatherers: no significant interclass difference in the mean or variance in total fertility o 90% of variation falls between 4 and 8 ▪ all pops with TFR > 8 can be considered colonizing pops ▪ Pops with TFR around 4 have been found to have high levels of STDs that result in premature sterility Demographic Transitions o Demography: study of human population (fertility, mortality, migration) o pair- bonding ~5mya - Ardipithecus o helpless baby ~2mya - Homo Erectus o Neolithic transition ~10,000 o “The” demographic transition ~200 o technological intervention transition (...
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