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That the affected gene influences is polygenetic o red

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Unformatted text preview: in infants by 73% since 1980 o Hormone mimicking pollutants Bacteria o Microbiome in our gut o Antibiotics kill a lot of bacteria, less to break down food Conclusions: An evolutionary perspective can explain why some common genotypes may exist despite seeming maladaptive, and why they may be found at higher frequencies in some populations Complex traits are influenced by multiple genes and multiple environmental effects. The interplay of these factors in one population may be quite different from their interactions in another population. 
Humans vary. Evolution played a role in that. LECTURE 16 BLOOD AND DISEASE ● Founder- person who has a mutation that is then passed down through generations. “identical by descent” o Hereditary Hemochromatosis ▪ Base change celtic descent, 10x more common than cystic fibrosis o Founder has one mutation but every generation does recombination at fertilization and only the affected phenotype statys o Example: Sickle Cell Anemia, missense mutation. Amino ac...
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