Theories of human sexuality o human females lost

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Unformatted text preview: ality 52% of the time, dizygotic twins 22% of the times o Females- monozygotic 48%, dizygotic 16% o Key point: more than half of the monozygotic twins were discordant in spite of identical genes and similar rearing ...other factors contribute Gay Gene? o 1993 dean hamer - linkage on the tip of the x chromosome o correlation with birth order - H- Y Genes produce antigens o 2005 study by mustlanski- linkage on long arm of chromosome 7 Evidence that homosexuality reduces evolutionary fitness in humans o homosexuals in SF had ⅕ the number of children as heterosexuals o openly homosexuals had 1/10th the number of children as heterosexual conterparts evolution o 2- 6% of males are homosexual o possible evolutionary scenarios o reproductive advantage for heterozygote o altruism/ kin selection o linkage to the x chromosome Animals exhibit homosexual behaviors- bonobos, and laysan albatross Lecture 24 Part one: Race in America before 1900 Herodotus (Father of History) ● started looking at cultural variation ● main distinction living in a city or rural area. education or not Biblical Scholars and Race ● three races→ europeans, oriental, african ● human variation matched with expectation of Genesis Felt like the climate was the cause of education ● focused on france→ colder = more educated Christopher Columbus ● If it wasn’t Asia who were the people that lived there?? ● Noah only had three sons→ BIG PROBLEM!! Pope Paul II ● “indians are truly men…” →...
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