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Traits are influenced by multiple genes and multiple

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Unformatted text preview: their decision to have children. Ethics? o Genetic Testing for would be prents ▪ o Audio about father talking about daughter who will only live for a few years, wishes he was tested Ethics of testing would be parents ▪ Didn’t get to this audio in class LECTURE 18 - FERTILITY: THE BIOLOGY ● Human Reproduction o Fertility=the production of a live birth (cultural practice: contraception) o Fecundity=the biological capacity to reproduce (theoretical) o Fecundity interacts with various behavioral processes to determine the level of fertility ● Older women are having children- change in culture o increased mom age at first child- bearing in more developed countries worldwide ● Natural Fertility Populations o absence of deliberate birth control, don’t use contraception ● Populations leave NF when o A large fraction of couples believes that control is possible, morally acceptable, desirable o gains access to effective methods of control o couples exert control in accordance with their achieved parity (number of offspring a woman has had) ● Similarities between NF and CF o more children born to women who are younger, women who have contraception tend to have children younger ● Seasonality of births ● Total fertility rate across NF average is 6, CF average is 2.6 kids/woman ● Examples of Natural Fertility o !Kung San of Botswana ▪ Mean=4.6 ▪ Standard deviation=2.2 ▪ hunter gatherers o Amish Holmes County, Ohio ▪ Mean=6.3 ▪ Standard deviation...
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