Minister Portfolio proposal

Minister Portfolio proposal - Week 1 the Breadth of Public...

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Unformatted text preview: Week 1: the Breadth of Public Admin-public admin defined...--> occupation: the workers who arrange the organizational structure of decision makers--> field of study: fragment of political science; institutions, policy analysis and intergovernmental relations--> draws on many field... economics, law, human resources, etc....- institutional foundations within the westminster system-merit-based, non-partisan and professional--> new focus on NPM (1980;’s)--> focus on results, more business-oriented - several variants within public admin ...public management ... development administration ...comparative public administration ...administrative sciences-public administration vs. public policy---administrators set the policy and the public administration carries out the work--the policy cycle: agenda, articulation, decision-making, implementation, evaluation-attachment to the business sector-classification reform after WWII (scientific management)-Glassco Commission (1962), Lambert Commission (1979) & Public Service 2000 (1989)-more focus on Ministers coming from private sector & New Public Management-division of labour-there are many departments, each with their own level of reliance / independence, spread throughout the geography of Canada-What makes our system Canadian?-Westminster model and federalism-departmental model (ministers and ministries--> separation of Privy Council & exempt staff-bilingualism- Parliamentary Accountability--> question period, parliamentary agents (budget, etc), minister accountability (at PM leisure)-Basic facts- public sector 3.6 million (including health, provincial, education army....)-federal is 427,000 (41% in capital region)-median salary is 55,000$-key issues--> politics vs. administration--> accountability--> centralization vs. decentralization--> jurisdictional boundaries (regionalism, globalism, aboriginal self-govenrment) Week 2: Organizing the Machinery of Government- differing Canada from US--> major difference in Independence ...war vs. long and relatively peaceful transition ...our continuing allegiance to the Crown-->loyalist argument against patriots was not against abandoning crown but rather accepting the bureaucratic administration-The Departmental Model-builds on responsibility to the crown...--> vertical (authority over authors ) vs. horizontal (collective for decisions)- line departments are essentially where each Minister is in charge of **highlights the responsibility of DM,s and Ministers to the Crown but also to their departments--> Ministers vs. Deputy Ministers : share powers in many ways ...elected vs. appointed public servant--> three types of ADM’s ...operational (implementation), policy-development, and internal services-Public admin vs. department is not necessarily constitutional--> rather, they are created by statute and governed in a way by the Budget--> fall under a range of new documents and responsibilities (FAA , 2006)--> determining the departments portfolio if up to PM prerogative, but Parliament...
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Minister Portfolio proposal - Week 1 the Breadth of Public...

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