Chem 2101 Syllabus Fall 2013

Topics that will be covered range from fundamentals

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Unformatted text preview: emistry. Topics that will be covered range from fundamentals typically encountered in Analytical Chemistry (e.g., statistics and chemical equilibria) to specific techniques, such as titrations, spectroscopy, and chromatography. Students with an interest in a career involving Analytical Chemistry are strongly encouraged to take Chem 4101 (Intermediate Analytical Chemistry). The two lecture courses 2101 and 4101 are accompanied by the lab courses Chem 2111 and 4111, which are strongly recommended to anyone with a serious interest in Analytical Chemistry, as are directed studies (Chem 4094) in a research group with an analytical focus. It is not a requirement to take Chem 2101 and Chem 2111 in the same semester, but you cannot take Chem 2111 without prior or concurrent enrollment in Chem 2101. Required Materials: Quantitative Chemical Analysis (8 Edition, Dan...
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