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Chem 2101 Syllabus Fall 2013

Typically 85 will receive an a or better 70 will

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Unformatted text preview: cally, > 85% will receive an A- or better, > 70% will receive a B- or better, and > 60% will receive a C or better. There will be no incomplete grades given. Exams: There will be three “hour” exams and one final exam in this course. Each “hour” exam will be taken in lecture, which means there will be a 50-minute time limit. Your lowest exam score from the three “hour” exams will be dropped. The final exam will be given according to the Universityʼs final exam schedule. You will need a calculator and writing utensils. Graphing calculators or smartphones are NOT allowed. You must have a non-programmable calculator. Exams will be closed book. Make-up exams will NOT be given. A missed exam, regardless of the circumstances, will count as your lowest exam score and will be dropped. Regrades: Requests to have an exam regraded will only be honored if the exam is written in ink and the request is...
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