chapter 13 notes

Allowsthebraintogivingitweightlessness float 2

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Unformatted text preview: dural venous sinuses for transporting blood. Ventricles of the brain include four fluid‐filled cavities: 1. LATERAL VENTRICLES, one inside each cerebral hemisphere. Large, separated from each other by the septa pellucida. 2. THIRD VENTRICLE, at the midline between the two halves of the ________________________________________. Thalamus 3. FOURTH VENTRICLE, in the superior medulla oblongata at the base of the cerebellum. The ventricles are continuous with one another via passageways: 1. Interventricular _________________________: connect lateral ventricles to the Foramen third ventricle. 2. Cerebral ___________________________: connects third ventricle to the fourth. aqueduct 3. Fourth ventricle is DIRECTLY continuous with the central canal of spinal cord, and is continuous with the subarachnoid space via two lateral ___________________ apertures median and one ___________________ aperture. ependimal cells 101 Cerebrospinal Fluid (CSF) CSF functions: 1. Allows the brain to ___________________ (giving it weightlessness) float 2. Protects the brain from physical trauma 3. Provides nourishment to CNS tissues. CSF is formed within structures called CHOROID PLEXUSES within all four ventricles. CIRCULATION OF CSF (see figure 13.14): LATERAL VENTRICLES ↓ _________________________________________ thru interventricular foramen ↓ THIRD VENTRICLE ↓ ________________________________________________________________ through cerebral aqueduct ↓ FOURTH VENTRICLE ↙↗ ↘ lateral median apertures __________________________________ ___________________________________ central canal THROUGH SPINAL CORD SUBARACHNOID SPACE ↓ ↓ SUPERIOR ________________________________ sagital sinus ↓ VENOUS CIRCULA...
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