chapter 13 notes

Parietal postcentral gyrus receives all sensory

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Unformatted text preview: ra diencephalon: subthalamic The LIMBIC SYSTEM includes nuclei and white matter of the cerebrum (the cingulate gyrus and hippocampus) and the diencephalon and the olfactory cortex. It is central to basic survival functions such as memory, reproduction, nutrition, and also emotions. CEREBRAL HEMISPHERES AND LOBES (Refer to figures 13.8 and 14 11) Right and left hemispheres are divided by the ______________________ fissure. longitudinal Lobes of each hemisphere: 1. Frontal a. Voluntary motor function ‐ ____________________________ gyrus precentral -where all voluntary motor functions are controlled b. Motor planning and organization ‐ PREMOTOR area c. Motivation, aggression, mood, personality – PREFRONTAL area d. Motor aspects of speech: BROCA’S area (one hemisphere) 2. Parietal -postcentral gyrus- receives all sensory information Reception, evaluation, comprehension of certain SENSORY information – somatic, sensory, balance 3. Occipital Reception and integration of ________________________________ input visual 4. Temporal a. Reception and evaluation for senses of _____________ and SMELL hearing b. Memory, abstract thought and judgment Frontal and parietal lobes are separated by the ________________ sulcus central Frontal and temporal lobes are separated by the lateral _________________________ fissure 100 13.6 MENINGES, VENTRICLES AND CEREBROSPINAL FLUID The meninges of the brain are continuous with those of the spinal cord (see chapter 12). *Modifications of the cranial dura mater include … -dura mater has 2 layers Cranial meninges -Subdural space -Arachnoid Mater -Subarachnoid Space -Pia Mater a. An outer, second layer of dura mater ( the periosteal dura) that tightly adheres to cranial bones. b. Spaces between the dural layers called dural ______________________ folds for anchoring the brain, and...
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