chapter 13 notes

Abor vitae thecerebellumhasthreepartsregions

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Unformatted text preview: ess. also maintains sleep wake cylces -Formed by nuclei of brainstem -extends to thalamus and cerebrum -sensory info received via visual and auditory stimulus 13.3 CEREBELLUM Communicates extensively with other regions of the CNS via three large tracts … the SUPERIOR, MIDDLE, AND INFERIOR peduncles. It has gray matter forming the CORTEX and the NUCLEI, and internal white matter called the ________________________ ____________________. abor vitae The cerebellum has three parts/regions: A. flocculonodular lobe : Balance B. vermis and medial hemispheric regions : Posture C. lateral hemispheres : Plan complex movements These parts are each involved in specific ways in the control, planning, practicing and learning of movements, and enable coordinated, smooth, flowing motions. 97 13.4 DIENCEPHALON Thalamus, Subthalamus, Epitalamus, & Hypothalamus The diencephalon is the part of the brain between the brainstem and the cerebral hemispheres. Its main components are described below: A. Thalamus Consists of two lateral portions connected by the _________________________ intermediate mass _________________, and is surrounded by the third ventricle. Functions: cerebrum 1. Sensory relay center of the brain: all sensory pathways to the ___________ form synapses here EXCEPT olfactory pathways. 2. Involved in communicating motor functions among the basal nuclei, motor cerebellum, and the _____________________ __________________. cortex 3. Influences mood and actions related to strong emotions via connections with the __________________________ system. limbic B. Subthalamus inferior Located ______________________________ to the thalamus and is involved in controlling motor functions. C. Epithalamus Located ______________________________ to the thalamus and is involved in Superior Habenular nuclei--e...
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