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C hindbrain myelencephalon dividesintothemetencepha

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Unformatted text preview: r/forebrain: ________________________________ PROCENCEPHALON *divides into TELENCEPHALON (becomes the cerebrum) and the DIENCEPHALON. b. midbrain: _____________________________________________ MESENCEPHALON *remains the same single structure in the adult brain. c. hindbrain: ____________________________________________ MYELENCEPHALON * divides into the METENCEPHALON (becomes the pons and cerebellum) and the MYELENCEPHALON (becomes the medulla oblongata). 5. Cavities within the pouches become fluid‐filled VENTRICLES of the adult central brain and the _______________ ________________ of the spinal cord. canal 13.2 BRAINSTEM Consists of the medulla oblongata, pons, midbrain. --Mesencephalon Connects the brain to the spinal cord. 1. Medulla Oblongata, consisting of … nerve tracts-- myelinated axons in CNS a. ascending and descending nerve tracts – prominent descending tracts on anterior surface are the _______________________________ which pyramids cross over (“decussate”) near inferior end. b. cranial nerves and other nuclei in internal gray matter – regulate heart rate, blood vessel diameter, respiration, swallowing, vomiting, etc. 2. Pons, consisting of … a. ascending and descending nerve tracts b. nuclei ‐ relay^between cerebrum and ___________________________; cerebelum sensory information sleep center and respiratory center. 96 3. Midbrain, consisting of … ascending carries sensory info. a. ascending and descending nerve tracts – the tegmentum (ascending) and cerebral peduncles(descending) descending carries motor information has pinkish color b. nuclei – the tectum with the corpora quadragemina, the red nuclei, the substantia nigra.-leads to parkisons disease 4. RETICULAR FORMATION, a cluster of brainstem nuclei concerned with ________________________________________________ maintaining consciousn...
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