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Sympathetic bparasympathetic centeric

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Unformatted text preview: conscious – excitatory or inhibitory Conscious/unconscious ‐ ______________ only excitatory 104 16.2 ANATOMY OF THE AUTONOMIC NERVOUS SYSTEM The ANS consists of these subdivisions: A. Sympathetic B. Parasympathetic C. Enteric SYMPATHETIC DIVISION (thorocolumbar) 1. Cell bodies of preganglionic neurons are in the ___________________________ lateral horns of the spinal cord between the T1 segment and the L2 segment. Preganglionic (M) fibers arise from preganglionic neurons located in the spinal cord segment T1T12 (thoracic lumbar region) 2. Two types of sympathetic ganglia: (a) Sympathetic chain ganglia, which are connected to each other, forming a chain on the right and left sides of the __________________________ vertebral ________________________________. column (b) Collateral (prevertebral) ganglia, which are unpaired ganglia in the abdominal cavity anterior to the vertebral column. 3. Axons of ______________________________ neurons are small and myelinated, preganglionic while postganglionic neurons are unmyelinated. 4. Four possible routes from the sympathetic chain ganglia: a. after synapsing within sympathetic chain ganglia, postganglionic -thru chain to skin/ skeletal muscle axons join spinal/peripheral nerves to SKIN and SKELETAL MUSCLES. b. after synapsing within sympathetic chain ganglia, postganglionic -thru chain to thoracic organs axons form _____________________ NERVES to THORACIC ORGANS. sympathetic c. without synapsing within sympathetic chain, preganglionic axons form ________________ NERVES passing to collateral ganglia, where splanchic they synapse with postganglionic neurons passing to effector cells in the ABDOMINOPELVIC CAVITY. -thru collateral to abdominopelvic 105 d. without synapsing within sympathetic chain or collateral ganglia, -direc...
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