For this sample the students averaged md 63 points

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Unformatted text preview: sign? 6. Research has proven that losing even one night’s sleep can have a significant effect on performance of complex tasks such as problem solving (Linde & Bergestroem, 1992). To demonstrate this phenomenon, a sample of n = 20 college students was given a problem ­solving task at noon on one day and again at noon on the following day. The students were not permitted any sleep between the two tests. For each student, the difference between the first and second score was recorded. For this sample, the students averaged MD = 6.3 points better on the first test, with SS for the difference scores equal to 2375. a. Do the data demonstrate a significant change in problem ­solving ability? Use a two tailed test with α = .05. b. Compute an estimated d to measure the size of the effect. 7. The stimulant Ritalin has been shown to...
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