One factor that differentiates theses two groups is

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Unformatted text preview: e of variance accounted for by the gender difference, to measure effect size for this study. 4. Friedman and Resonman (1974) have classified people into two categories: Type A personalities and Type B personalities. Type As are hard ­driving, competitive, and ambitious. Type Bs are more relaxed, easy ­going people. One factor that differentiates theses two groups is the chronically high level of frustration experienced by Type As. To demonstrate this phenomenon, separate samples of Type As and Type Bs are obtained, with n = 8 in each sample. The individual participants are all given a frustration inventory measuring level of frustration. The average score for the type As is M = 84 with SS = 740, and the Type Bs average M = 71 with SS = 660. Do these data indicate a significant difference between the two groups? Test at the .01 level of significance. 5. What is the primary advantage of a repeated ­measures design over an independent ­measures de...
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