05 to determine whether these data are sufficient to

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Unformatted text preview: e results from an ANOVA comparing three treatment conditions with n = 8 participants in each treatment. Complete all missing values. Source Between Treatments Within Treatments Total SS ? ? 124 df ? ? ? MS 20 ? F = ? 5. 6. A common science- fair project involves testing the effects of music on the growth of plants. For one of these projects, a sample of 40 newly sprouted bean plants is obtained. These plants are randomly assigned to four treatments, with n = 10 in each group. The four conditions are rock, heavy metal, country , and classical music. The dependent variable is the height of each plant after 2 weeks. The data from this experiment were examined using an ANOVA, and the results are summarized in the following table. Fill in all missing values. Source SS df MS Between Treatments 72 ? ? F = ? Within Treatments ? ? 3 Total ? ? The following data were obtained from a repeated- measures study comparing three...
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