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Unformatted text preview: trda etrwt ielnt ieegh Fleohrie / cnee tcne ihsd eghsdLnt. as tews. bo snqaeCodnt etr n ieegh oriaepxlor) oliISur(oriaecne,itsdLnt,Codnt ieCod; / fet: eun rewe h ie tpxlor swti h ice /Efcs Rtrstu hntepxla ieCodi ihntecrl / etrda etrwt aisrdu. as tews. / cnee tcne ihrdu ais Fleohrie bo sniceCodnt etr n ais oriaepxlor) oliICrl(oriaecne,itrdu,Codnt ieCod; / fet: rae ln mg fsz it egt UISAEPXL. /Efcs Cetsbakiaeo iewdhxhih. NT R IES vi ntmg(n it,ithih) odiiIaeitwdh n egt; / fet: ssteTo oli h hp fsaecnee tlcto /Efcs Ue h olto nteSaeo hp etrda oain / etrsz hpSz niae hpsmyrnofeg fiae / cne,iesaeieo mg.Sae a u f deo mg. vi paemg(oriae etr n hpSz,Saesae olto) odudtIaeCodnt*cne,itsaeie hp hp,To ol; EECS 280 Spring 2013 6/15 uniqname: _________________________ ///////////////// etcp///////////////// /////////////////Ts.p ///////////////// itmi( n an){ Codnt or; oriaecod Saesae={snqae snice; hp hps2 iISur,iICrl} To ol ={rw rs} oltos2 da,eae; iiIae10 0) ntmg(0,10; / hsoewsdanfryu /Ti n a rw o o! udtIaeiiCodnt(cod 5 5,1,sae ol; paemg(ntoriae&or,2,7) 0 hps0,tos0) / paeyu mg codn otefloigoeain. /Udt oriaeacrigt h olwn prtos udtIaeiiCodnt(cod 5 5,1,sae ol; paemg(ntoriae&or,7,7) 5 hps0,tos0) udtIaeiiCodnt(cod 5 5,1,sae ol; paemg(ntoriae&or,2,2) 0 hps1,tos0) udtIaeiiCodnt(cod 0,0,5,sae ol; paemg(ntoriae&or,10 ) 0 hps1,tos0) udtIaeiiCodnt(cod 0 0,2,sae ol; paemg(ntoriae&or,5,5) 0 hps1,tos0) udtIaeiiCodnt(cod 0,0,2,sae ol; paemg(ntoriae&or,10 ) 5 hps0,tos1) rtr ; eun0 } Additional Instructions: 1. Draw an outline for every shape. 2. Shade in shapes that have been drawn. 3. Do not shade in shapes that have been erased. 4. HINT: Do not shade in any shapes until you have drawn all outlines. You never know whether you will have to erase inside another shape. EECS 280 Spring 2013 7/15 uniqname: _________________________ Problem 3: Strings Given two C­strings, Sand P this program substitutes each instance of a character Ccontained , within a string Sby the string...
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