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Unformatted text preview: ove, which of the following return functions would make this tail­recursive? Circle all that apply, if any. a) r t r n x 3 ) eunf(+,y; b) r t r n f ( , y , x y ; eunf(nx ) +) c) r t r n x ) eunf(,y; d) r t r n x ) + f ( + , y ; eunf(,y nxy ) e) r t r n x y ) eun1+f(+,y; 1E) (4 Points) Fill in the values of the array at each point: ita]={,2 ,4; n [ 1 ,3 } it a2; n*p=& it ; n*r=a *+ p+7 r+=* ; * ; r=9 * r­1 p=* ; *r2 ; (+)=7 EECS 280 Fall 2013 4/19 uniqname: _________________________ 1F) (2 Points) Which of the following code fragments would always cause a compiler error? (Circle all that apply, if any.) a) c n t i t * p = 5 os n ; b) c n t i t * p os n ; * ; p=5 c) c n t i t * c n t p os n os ; * ; p=5 d) i t * p n ; * ; p=5 e) i t * c n t p n os ; * ; p=5 1G) (2 Points) You are given a file called n m e s which contains the following: ubr, 3212 Which w i eloop would we replace the comment with in the following code to produce the hl output "8"? (Circle all that apply, if any.) itnm=0 u ; n u ,sm=0 isra h ftemf;"ubr"; hoe(nmes) /wielo oshr /hl opge ee cu <sm< nl ot< u <ed; a) w i e f ) { hl(h f >nm h> u; sm+ u; u =nm } c) w i e f &l...
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