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Unformatted text preview: eet eta /EFCS rae e re iheta t lmn,lf s / islf ute,adrgta t ih ute / t etsbre n ih sisrgtsbre itte_l(rette) n reette_ re; / EURS rei o mt /RQIE:te sntepy / FET:rtrsteeeeta h o fte. /EFCS eun h lmn ttetpo re te_ relf(rette) rette_ette_ re; / EURS rei o mt /RQIE:te sntepy / FET:rtrstelf ute fte /EFCS eun h etsbreo re te_ rergtte_ re; rette_ih(rette) / EURS rei o mt /RQIE:te sntepy / FET:rtrstergtsbreo re /EFCS eun h ih ute fte EECS 280 Fall 2013 10/19 uniqname: _________________________ PART A: Tree Traversal (2 Points) Write the output of an in­order traversal of this tree: 0 1 / \ 1 1 5 / / \ \ 2 3 1 4 \ / / \ \ 7 2 9 8 6 1 PART B: Tree Contains (6 Points) Fill in the blanks in the implementation for the following recursive function that checks whether a tree contains a particular element. (Note: don't worry if your solution is not tail recursive) / FET:rtrstu fteeeetxapasayhr nte /EFCS eun rei h lmn per nweei reA bo recnan(retA n ) olte_otiste_ ,itx{ /BS AE / AECS f(__________________{ i __________________) rtr as; eunfle } f(__________________{ i __...
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This test prep was uploaded on 03/10/2014 for the course EECS 280 taught by Professor Noble during the Winter '08 term at University of Michigan.

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