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Unformatted text preview: n your solution. / FET:Rtrstu fxpiei rae hnypie as /EFCS eun rei .rc sgetrta .rc,fle / tews /ohrie bo rae_hnGoeytmx rcrIe ) olgetrta(rcrIe ,Goeytmy; / FET:Rtrstu fxpiei esta .rc,fle /EFCS eun rei .rc sls hnypie as / tews /ohrie bo esta(rcrIe ,Goeytmy; olls_hnGoeytmx rcrIe ) Write the f n _ t m )function on the next page so that passing in g e t r t a will return idie( rae_hn a pointer to the G o e y t min s > t m a r ywith the highest price, and passing in rcrIe ­ie_ra l s _ h nwill return the G o e y t m with the lowest pric...
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