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Unformatted text preview: 1: Short Answer (19 points) Use the following definition of s r e ( for question 1A: tln) itsre(cntca*cntsr n tln os hr os t) { cntca*p=sr os hr t; wie p! \’) hl(* =‘0 { p+ +; } rtr t; eunp­sr }/sre / tln 1A) (1 Point) Given the definition of s r e ( above… tln) What is the value printed out by the following code? Write your answer in the box. itsz tln"000) n ie=sre(\\\"; cu <sz; ot< ie 1B) (1 Point) Assuming a single c a occupies a single spot in memory, how many spots in hr memory are allocated to store the following C­string? Write your answer in the box. "rw de" 1C) (3 Points) What does the following code print out? Write your answer in the box. ita]={2 4 5 7 9; n [ 1,3,4,6,8} cntitsz ; os n ie=5 fr(n*p=a1 p<a+sz; +) o it +; ie p+ { * (­) p=*p1; } fr(n ; ie i+ o iti=0 i<sz; +) { cu <ai <"" ot< < ; } EECS 280 Fall 2013 3/19 uniqname: _________________________ 1D) (2 Points) Consider the following function: itf(n ,dul ){ n nitx obey i x>3)rtr ; f( 0 eunx +x +; / eunsaeet /rtr ttmn } If we replaced the commented line "return statement" ab...
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