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Nhlmnttetpore terelfrette retteettere eursreiomt

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Unformatted text preview: t) itx ,z n ,y ; it*1 n p; it*2 n p; it*p; n *p p p; p=&2 p y 1=&; *p=&; p x *1=7 p ; *2=4 p ; z=*p p p; *p+*1+*2 EECS 280 Fall 2013 8/19 uniqname: _________________________ / atB(ps /Pr 8t) itx ,z n ,y ; ita]={,7 ,5; n [ 3 ,1 } it*o; n fo it*a; n br fo=a o ; br=fo+2 a o ; x=*o br fo+*a; y=* (+)+*a*a)+*fo1; a+*a2 (+br (o+) / atC(ps /Pr 6t) vi d(n o){ odaditfo +o; +fo } vi d(n fo odadit*o){ +*o) +(fo; } tpdfvi *uc(n*; yee od(Fn)it) vi d(n [,itsz,Fn n odadita] n ie ucf){ o iti=0 ie +){ fr(n ;i<sz;+i f(ai) n&; } } itx=3 n ; ity=5 n ; itz]={,2 } n [ 1 ,3; itzie=3 n Sz ; adx; d() ad&) d(y; adz Sz,ad; d(,zie d) EECS 280 Fall 2013 9/19 uniqname: _________________________ Problem 3: Trees (20 points) In all parts of this question, you may use the tree functions from Project 2 shown here. bo reiEpyte_ re; olte_smt(rette) / FET:rtrstu fte sepy as tews /EFCS eun rei rei mt,fleohrie te_ remk(; rette_ae) / FET:cetsa mt re /EFCS rae nepyte. te_ remk(n l,te_ et retrgt; rette_aeitet retlf,te_ ih) / FET:cetsanwte,wt l sise...
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