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Unformatted text preview: igi i” / srn n“n / OIIS ot /MDFE:*u / FET:sraie h tig n“n,soigrslsi ot /EFCS eilzstesrnsi i” trn eut n*u / eun h egho h eilzdotu icuigalnl / rtrstelnt ftesraie upt(nldn l ul / emntn hrces / triaigcaatr) usge n eilz(os hr*n] ninditsraiecntca i[, ninditi_ie usge n nsz, ca ot; hr*u) Write your answer on the next page. (20 Points) EECS 280 Fall 2013 14/19 uniqname: _________________________ usge n eilz(os hr*n] ninditsraiecntca i[, ninditi_ie usge n nsz, ca ot hr*u){ } EECS 280 Fall 2013 15/19 uniqname: _________________________ Question 5: Structs and Classes (20 points) Foo Grocery is trying to modernize their shopping experience and they want you to help write software for their new shopping app. Use the structs below to complete this problem. src rcrIe tutGoeytm{ srn ae tignm; dul rc; obepie } ; cntitMXSZ 0; os n A_IE=10 src hpigat{ tutSopnCr Goeytmie_ra[A_IE; rcrIe tmaryMXSZ] itcrsz; n u_ie } ; PART A (7 points): Foo Grocery customers want to know more about what they are spending their money on, so the shopping app needs to figure out what the most expensive and least expensive items are. However, they don’t want to reuse code, so you will write one function that uses function pointers. Use these functions (don’t write them!) i...
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