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Unformatted text preview: niqname: _________________________ / FET:Rtrstelws omnacso fpadqi reA /EFCS eun h oetcmo netro n nte itLAte_ ,itp n ) n C(retA n ,itq{ } EECS 280 Fall 2013 13/19 uniqname: _________________________ Question 4: C­Strings (20 points) Marshalling is a technique commonly used to transfer data in web programming. It glues together many separate pieces of data (such as C­strings) into a single array for easy transmission. Delimiting characters, such as the null character, are usually inserted to mark where a single chunk of data ends in the serialized array and another begins. For example, serializing the strings " e l "and " o l "results in the following char array Hlo Wrd {H,'' l,'' o,'0,'' o,'' l,'' \' '' e,'' l,'' \' W,'' r,'' d,'0} Implement the following function to serialize an array of C­strings. Do not use standard library C­string functions, such as strcmp(). / EURS i”cnan i_ie ­tig, /RQIE:“n otis“nsz”Csrns / ot onst narylreeog ohl vr / “u”pit oa ra ag nuht odeey / t...
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