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Unformatted text preview: low. removeall() still works, but you realize that this change will make removeall() run slower, especially on a List with many Nodes. Why? Please limit answers to 1 ­ 3 sentences. /MDFE:ti /OIIS hs /EFCS rmvsalnds /FET: eoe l oe tmlt tpnm > epae<yeaeT vi itT:rmvAl){ odLs<>:eoel( wie(iEpy) hl !smt(){ / rgnlcd /Oiia oe / eoern(; /rmvFot) / orfin’ e oe /Yu redsnwcd rmvBc(; eoeak) } } 4C) (4 Points) Which of the following statements about C++ templates are true? Circle all that apply, if any. a) It is not possible to use a generalized template library if the source code is hidden. b) Templates can only use primitive data types or pointers. c) Templates are an example of compile­time polymorphism. d) Iterators for templated data containers must also be templated. EECS 280 Fall 2013 19/25 uniqname: _________________________ Question 5: Polymorphic Polyjuice Potion (20 points) You are on the development team for the new Harry Potter XBox game (awww yeeea). You have been asked to examine the behavior of the following code involving inheritance and polymorphism. Use the 7 small classes at the back of...
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