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Unformatted text preview: Assume the singly linked list, L s < > implementation from lecture. Assume you have a itT, correct implementation of f n _ fand M l i l O . Using these, write the function idi utpef p i t m l i l sthat takes an integer n and prints a space­separated list of all elements of rn_utpe , L s < n >n m that are multiples of n For example, if n = 4 and n m , 5 , itit us . , us={4 ,8 1 , 1 , then p i t m l i l s outputs: 0 2} rn_utpe 481 2 Note: We will not penalize you for incorrect whitespace or newlines but make sure your output is still readable and follows the requirements. The relevant function prototypes for the i t T Ls<> member functions are below. tmlt tpnm > epae<yeaeT casLs<>{ ls itT /.. /. casIeao ls trtr{ /.. /. } ; / euna trtrpitn otefrtnd /rtr nIeao onigt h is oe Ieao ei( os; trtrbgn)cnt / euna trtrpitn o"atteed /rtr nIeao onigt ps h n" Ieao n( os; trtred)cnt } ; Restrictions: ● Your implementation MUST USE ITERATORS ● The only L s ember functions you should call are b g n ) and e d ) itm ei( n( ● Do not call r m v F o t r m v B c , i s r F o t or i s r B c eoern, eoeak netrn, netak ● Do not copy the list EECS 280 Fall 2013 15...
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