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Unformatted text preview: w): _________________________________________ First and last name of person sitting to your left (write the symbol ⊥ if at the end of a row): _________________________________________ Correctly completing this cover page is worth 1 point. University of Michigan Professors Andrew DeOrio and Kevin Fu EECS 280 Fall 2013 1/25 uniqname: _________________________ Do not write here. Cover page _________ out of 1 Problem 1 _________ out of 19 Problem 2 _________ out of 20 Problem 3 _________ out of 20 Problem 4 _________ out of 20 Problem 5 _________ out of 20 Total: _________ out of 100 EECS 280 Fall 2013 Staff Initials 2/25 uniqname: _________________________ Problem 1: Short Answer (19 points) PART A: Big Three (10 points) The code below will generate 10 lines of output. These 10 lines have been given to you out of order. Arrange them in the order they would be generated in. (NOTE: it’s OK to tear out this page) casBghe ls iTre{ piae n ; rvt:iti pbi: ulc Bghe(n _n (_n iTreitii):iii){ cu <&...
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This test prep was uploaded on 03/10/2014 for the course EECS 280 taught by Professor Noble during the Winter '08 term at University of Michigan.

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