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Unformatted text preview: the exam for this question. You may tear out that page if necessary. Note: It is ok if you misspell some of the character’s names or spells, but it must be clear to us which character you are talking about. Part A: Draw the inheritance relationships of these classes using the arrow notation discussed in lecture. For each section in the following m i function, provide the expected output or write an the required code. If there is no output, write "no output". itmi(n rc hr rv] n anitag,ca*ag[) { cntitNM=5 os n U ; Mgclen*maryNM; aiaBig yra[U] / ­­ ATB(re fcntuto)­­­ /­­­PR Odro osrcin ­­ Syhrndao"rc"; ltei rc(Dao) Wa steotu? hti h upt / ­­ ATC(REI OHN OWIEFRTI AT ­­ /­­­PR FEBE­NTIGT RT O HSPR)­­­ mary0 e l(Dby) yra=nwEf"ob"; mary1 dao yra=&rc; mary2 e rfidr"o"; yra=nwGyfno(Rn) mary3 e aeca(Ln"; yra=nwRvnlw"ua) mary4 e ufeuf"erc) yra=nwHflpf(Cdi"; EECS 280 Fall 2013 20/25 uniqname: _________________________ /­­­PR Fnto al)­­­ / ­­ ATD(ucinCls ­­ mary0­wa_mi) yra>hta_(; daowa_mi) rc.hta_(; Wa steotu? hti h upt / ­­ A...
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