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Unformatted text preview: TE(ucinCls ­­ /­­­PR Fnto al)­­­ mary1­cs_pl(; yra>atsel) mary4­cs_pl(; yra>atsel) Wa steotu? hti h upt / ­­ ATF(oig onCsigi erho le)­­­ /­­­PR Cdn:Dw atn nsac fEvs ­­ fr n ;i<NM + o(iti=0 U;i+) { / ORCD /YU OE } Atreeuigcmltl,tefrlo bv rdcsol hssnl ieo fe xctn opeey h o­opaoepoue nyti igeln f otu.. upt. Dby ma l. ob:Ia nef Wietebd ftelo sn aedwcs oteaporaetp uhta ny rt h oyo h opuigasf onatt h prpit yesc htol Evswl epitdi h upt Ti hudnttk uhcd. le ilb rne nteotu.(hssol o aemc oe) EECS 280 Fall 2013 21/25 uniqname: _________________________ / ­­ ATG(oyopi xetos ­­ /­­­PR PlmrhcEcpin)­­­ ty r { trwdao /t h aiik ho rc;/ otebsls } cth rfidr ac(Gyfno&e) { cu <"agtGyfno:"< .e_ae)< nl ot< Cuh rfidr <egtnm( <ed; } cth ufeuf ac(Hflpf&e) { cu <"agtHflpf:"< .e_ae)< nl ot< Cuh ufeuf <egtnm( <ed; } cth l&e) ac(Ef { cu <"agtEf <egtnm( <ed; ot< Cuh l:"< .e_ae)< nl } cth iad ac(Wzr&e) { cu <"agtWzr:"< .e_ae)< nl ot< Cuh iad <egtnm( <ed; } cth aeca&e) ac(Rvnlw { cu <"agtRvnlw <egtnm( <ed; ot< Cuh aeca:"< .e_ae)< nl } cth ltei&e) ac(Syhrn { cu <"agtSyhrn <egtnm( <ed; ot< Cuh ltei:"< .e_ae)< nl } cth aiaBig ac(Mgclen&e) { cu <"agtMgclen:"< .e_ae)< nl ot< Cuh aiaBig <egtnm( <ed; } cth . ac(..) { cu <"emscue nte ie <ed; ot< Sau asdaohrfr"< nl } Wihoeo hs esg...
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This test prep was uploaded on 03/10/2014 for the course EECS 280 taught by Professor Noble during the Winter '08 term at University of Michigan.

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