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Unformatted text preview: age): casVgtbero } /necpintp ls eealErr{;/a xeto ye casFutro } /necpintp ls riErr{; /a xeto ye casNtweEog } /necpintp ls oSetnuh{;/a xeto ye vi a(ls<tig>&it odetDitsrn* ls){ srn s=ls.eoern(; tig* itrmvFot) i * ="art)trwVgtbero(; f(s= cro" ho eealErr) i * ="pl" ho riErr) f(s= ape)trwFutro(; dlt ; eees } vi nc(ls<tig>&it odsakDitsrn* ls){ ty{ r etls) a(it; } cthFutro ){trwNtweEog(;} ac(riErre ho oSetnuh) } itmi( n an){ Ditsrn* od; ls<tig>fos fosisrBc(e tig"art); od.netaknwsrn(cro") fosisrBc(e tig"oke); od.netaknwsrn(coi") fosisrBc(e tig"hclt") od.netaknwsrn(cooae); fosisrBc(e tig"pl") od.netaknwsrn(ape); wie(fosiEpy) hl !od.smt(){ ty{ r sakfos; nc(od) } cthVgtbero ){cu <"eealErr <ed;} ac(eealErre ot< Vgtbero"< nl cthFutro ){cu <"riErr <ed;} ac(riErre ot< Futro"< nl cthNtweEog ){cu <"oSetnuh <ed;} ac(oSetnuhe ot< NtweEog"< nl cth.. ot< cthal <ed;} ac(.){cu <"ac l"< nl } } EECS 280 Fall 2013 7/25 uniqname: _________________________ i) What is the output of this program? ii) This progr...
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This test prep was uploaded on 03/10/2014 for the course EECS 280 taught by Professor Noble during the Winter '08 term at University of Michigan.

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